Wrapping It Up: JANUARY 2019

HI FRIENDSSSS! If it isn’t clear enough from the title, I’m doing an much overdue wrap-up. Man, I haven’t done this kind of post in ages, I’m pretty sure I forgot how to write this. But anyhoo, what’s important is that I’m trying. wink wink. So here it is!!


Before anything else, I would just like to give huge thanks to Kaleena @ Reader Voracious Blog for a wonderful spreadsheet tracker that proved SOOOO useful for me. The chart graphics that I will be including here are from the results of that spreadsheet as well! If you’re anything like me, who wants to keep track of everything in life because being forgetful sucks, I highly recommend using the 2019 Book Blogger Spreadsheet Template.

For the month of January, I’ve read a total of 7 books which is a lot in my perspective. I’m usually a very slow reader due to a hectic academic schedule so I’m very satisfied with my progress for this month.

32333303  17698022  39863558  22886113
s           42088730  37534266  38724452

Disclaimer: By clicking on the book covers above, you will be redirected to my Amazon affiliate link for the corresponding book. Purchase from that link and you’ll be able to help me and my blog out tremendously at no additional cost for you!

My favorite book for January 2019 would have to be The Silver Queen because I just adore that series. I’m so stoked to read the third book but in the meantime, you can check my review of The Silver Queen here.


Books by Release.png

I’ve been meaning to cut down on my backlist TBR for a while now and I’m so glad that I’m making progress since half of the books I’ve read in January were backlist titles. There’s still a lot of ARCs I need to get to but I like mixing up my reading with backlist ones.

Books by Genre.png

This one’s exciting as well! I have always loved Fantasy but I found myself not reading as many books as I would like from that genre. I mostly turn to Mystery and Contemporary as they are my favorite, so one of my resolutions for the year is to widen my horizons when it comes to genres! Well, so far so good for my progress in reading Fantasy, in my opinion!


For the month of January, my blog statistics have been much more than what I’ve expected when I came back from my hiatus and I can’t thank you all enough for that!! The feedback I’ve received from all of you guys at my blog posts are so mindblowing and very heartwarming. Mindblowing because, frankly, I did not expect that anyone would care enough to read my blog posts, much less like and comment on them! So that really inspired me to write and post blog posts more than I have before for the next months to come!!

Here are all the blog posts I’ve published in January 2019:

I’ve realized that I really do love making book reviews and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon LOL. And I’m trying to participate in more events like blog tours, cover reveals and book blitzes. But the most exciting (and my favorite blog post in January) is my first discussion post in a looooong whileLuxe’s Thoughts: UK vs US Book Covers and YOU GUYS ARE SO SWEET AND AMAZING with your responses!

Image result for i love you guys gif


Last January, I went back to school from our holiday break and so far, everything’s miraculously alright. I’m actually so proud of myself for doing quite well academic-wise, having no emotional breakdowns so far. My anxiety hasn’t been too bad lately and it is actually quite manageable most of the time!

On other news, I’ve acquired a bunch of lovely blogger friends—which are all Filipinos as well, might I add! This just means so much to me because they’re the first actual blogger friends who I constantly talk to. I JUST LOVE THEM, OKAY??

PSA: You should definitely follow their blogs because, as I’ve said and will say again and again, they’re fantastic, kind, gentle hoomans that deserve all the love in the world!

I now have a positive feeling for both my blog and personal life! I feel like I’m truly heading in the right direction and I can’t wait for what the future (for both my personal life and blogging) awaits for me.

For February, I didn’t set a particular TBR since I have a bold one for my Year of the Asian Reading Challenge sign-up and I think that it may be too much pressure for me if I had another TBR for February.

So, I guess that’s it for this wrap-up. I haven’t achieved much in retrospect but I’m pretty happy with myself nevertheless. How about you? How was your January? What other things do you put on wrap-ups? (Please help I am CLUELESS!) Let’s chat!

14 thoughts on “Wrapping It Up: JANUARY 2019

  1. Know that I am very happy for you in this end! 7 books in a month?! And you’ve posted a lot this month alone! Let this energy radiates til the end of the year. Yes, do what you love! Reviews, lists, discussion post *do it* (as long as it’s within your comforts of course!).

    Thaaank you for the shoutout, I have the same feeling too. I am very very much happy to have meet you all. And constantly talk to you all now and then. I do not deserve your kindness. *hugs*

    And like I said, I’ll help you tackle the YARC2019! Assuming schedule and life will get in the way, we’ll compromise and still do it. Hahaha! Sending you all my loveee Luxe! ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kal’s spreadsheet tracker is a lifesaver, honestly love that thing haha. And go you Luxe for reading 7 books last month, I read 2 hehe. But spent all of Jan being ill *flails* I’m also going to hop to your discussion post shortly, cause wheeeee discussions and also UK vs US covers is always entertaining to see the differences.

    Hope you’re having an awesome Feb Luxe!


    • I know right!! My blogging life is so organized now as compared to before and it’s just so motivating to blog even more! Are you feeling alright now? I really hope you are. Thank you so much! Have an amazing February as well. ❤


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