Blog Tour: The Con Code by Shana Silver [REVIEW & GIVEAWAY]

Book Title: The Con Code
Author: Shana Silver
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Release: August 25th 2020
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Young Adult

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A teen forger and thief forms a criminal crew from her high school friends (and crush) to perform a series of heists leading to the location of her missing mother in this action-packed contemporary YA novel.

By day, seventeen-year-old Fiona Spangler runs small cons for her ritzy prep-school classmates: getting them out of tests and forging fake hall passes. But by night, Fiona joins her dad on riskier heists: stealing back the clue-filled forgeries her mom scattered across the country before she disappeared. Fiona desperately hopes that her mother will be waiting at the end of the scavenger hunt she left behind.

And they are SO close. Just three more heists remain, but then disaster strikes when Fiona’s dad is captured by the FBI. Desperate to finish the job and save what’s left of her family, Fiona assembles of crew of teen criminals: a master of disguise who can transform into anyone, a talented hacker who only communicates in glares, and a rival con artist with a vendetta against—and possible crush on—Fiona.

All they have to do is perform three nearly impossible heists, solve her mother’s incredibly complex clues, and evade the FBI. Easy, right?

Content/trigger warnings at the end of this post may contain spoilers.

I received a copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours and the publisher for reviewing purposes as part of a blog tour. This does not influence my opinions in any way.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

It’s been a while since I’ve read any heist stories so I’m really excited for this one! The synopsis of the book promised the thrill of both small and grand heists, with great sense of family and a hint of romance. Fortunately, The Con Code delivered each one of that and more!

Following the trail Fiona’s mother left in her disappearance, we are taken into an adventure full of conning, pretending and evading the authorities. I was constantly on the edge, having this fear that Fiona and her crew might get caught, which proved to be unnecessary most of the time since they are quite some fantastic cons in each of their specialties!

It’s so fun to follow along throughout their adventure! Not only do we get to see all the action every D-day but we’re also in on their preparations and painstaking process to make their heists successful.

I believe that the romance in this is fairly slowburn, and what I appreciate most is that it’s not too in-your-face. I find that some romances just become too much and ultimately ruin the reading experience, but I’m glad that isn’t the case for this book.

I wasn’t quite sure I liked how the book was wrapped up towards the end, but after reading the epilogue, I realized that the ending was actually fitting. So this is a fun and enjoyable read overall, and I recommend it for fans of heists!

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– Parent abandonment Please tell me if there are others I’ve missed.


Shana Silver studied creative writing at Syracuse University. She’s been a computer animator, an e-book creator for a major publisher, and now works as a Project Manager in digital and TV advertising where she enjoys telling people what to do. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, young daughter, and the characters she dreams up. MIND GAMES is her debut novel. THE CON CODE comes out in Summer 2020.


Your chance to win a print copy of The Con Code (US only)


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Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours for organizing this blog tour!


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