Blog Tour: Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime? by Guy Rowlands [GUEST POST]

Book Title: Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime?
Guy Rowlands
January 7th 2020

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Recovering from a brutal attack where she was savagely raped, university student Sam Smith attempts to rebuild her life and overcome the ongoing effects of her ordeal. Her ultimate goal is to bring her assailant to justice, but before she can do so her life and loves take a series of intriguing turns as she continues her sometimes unconventional education.

Eventually she is able to identify her attacker and decides to exact retribution in her own particular style, but during her preparations Sam becomes aware that her every move is being tracked by a mysterious organisation. To avoid detection by the police and also her hidden watchers,Sam Smith attempts to commit the perfect crime. However in the aftermath of her vigilante action events change rapidly to bring about a most unexpected outcome.

Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime? is the first book in the Sam Smith Adventure Series and can be read as a standalone.

Content/trigger warnings at the end of this post may contain spoilers.


A Difficult Gestation

Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime had a very difficult gestation. It all started in April of last year when I broke my foot and was virtually immobile for a couple of months. My eldest daughter (the author Jules Wake) said to me, ‘If you’ve nothing better to do Dad, why not write a book?’

After couple of days thought I tried to come up with some characters and a plot. The books of Stieg Larsson with his unlikely heroine Lisabeth Salander had been favourites of mine, and so I decided to create a British female agent with a bit more style and hopefully more appealing than her grungy Swedish inspiration. Before I started writing, I needed a picture in my mind’s eye of my heroine. I settled on a combination of a beautiful young dancer I worked with when I was producing the British Fashion Awards and the WW2 resistance fighter Nancy Wake.

The dancer, who was barely twenty, had a flawless complexion, naturally golden hair, a figure to die for and a naive sexual allure. The men on the crew couldn’t do enough for her. Even our gay choreographer was drooling all over the young woman.

Nancy Wake was also a charmer, but in a totally different way. Dropped into a chaotic situation in wartime France, she took control through stealth, cunning and diplomacy, to unite disparate resistance groups into a well organized fighting force which eventually numbered over five thousand men. She led her troops in guerilla warfare against the Nazis, unleashing surprise attacks against the enemy, killing some with her bare hands.

Having worked all over the world during my career as a television producer and director, and met a vast variety of interesting characters, I decided that I would base the places and people in my work on my personal experiences. I believe that if you want people to enjoy your writing, no matter how far-fetched the plot or outlandish the characters, there has to be some factual basis.

With a clear picture of my heroine, I started writing with a vague idea of where the plot was going and to my surprise, the characters I created took over. They dictated my story for me. I would wake up every morning with the outline of the next chapter clear in my mind. As I went along I re-read sections and ruthlessly edited out anything that didn’t work. I stuck to the guidelines of the radio programme “Just a Minute”: no hesitation, deviation or repetition.

The first first version of my book book was finished, but I was most concerned: my heroine was raped in the opening chapter which motivated her to change her life dramatically. As a man, I found this very difficult to write from a female perspective and I asked a couple of women to review the new work. Both of them, hated it. I rewrote the first section a further three times and none of the new approaches were acceptable. In desperation, I abandoned this section altogether and wrote an entirely new opening scenario and thankfully, according to my female critics, this worked. I hope you agree with me.

By the time my foot had healed, the book was complete. I’d produced a quirky adventure story and in doing so, established a new branch of the Secret Service. A couple of people other people read it and gave me some positive feedback.

It seemed to me, that I could self-publish my novel on Kindle. The daughter that urged me to write in the first place, then dropped the bombshell. ‘Dad if you are self-publishing, one book is no good, you have to write a series!’ I’m not sure that is true but being a dutiful dad I went along with her. The result is the Sam Smith adventure series and the first is Miss Smith Commits the Perfect Crime.

🚨 Click to reveal content warnings which may contain spoilers for the book. 🚨

I haven’t found any warnings for this. Please inform me if there are some I have missed.



Guy Caplin worked in television broadcasting for over 40 years and is one of the few people to have achieved success in both the technical and artistic branches of the medium. He has worked with many celebrities including, the Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Hope and Maria Callas.

He moved to ITV’s Yorkshire Television in 1969 as a Producer and Director of Sport, Outside Broadcasts and special events. Among the many programmes he devised was the quiz programme “Winner TakesAll” fronted by Jimmy Tarbuck and Geoffrey Wheeler, which under his tenure was regularly amongst the Top Ten TV programmes and twice reached the coveted Number One Spot.

When the final series of the hit American programme Dallas ran into technical problems in Hollywood in 1989, Guy left YTV and joined a UK broadcast engineering company to try to come up with a solution. The solution proposed resulted in the creation of the DEFT process, which although too late to be used on Dallas, was used initially on the Simpsons and subsequently on Friends, Frasier, Superman and many others America series. DEFT was awarded an Emmy for outstanding technical achievement.

Back in the UK Guy owned and ran a company creating video productions for both broadcast and industry, was a freelance trainer at the BBC and a visiting tutor at the National School of Film and Television.

For the past thirteen years Guy has also been regular lecturer for P&O cruises and Cunard and has effectively travelled twice around the world.

Now, having closed his video company, he spends his time writing under the name of Guy Rolands and has now completed four novels in the Sam Smith Adventure series. Having worked all over the world and encountered hundreds of remarkable characters, his experiences provide colour and intrigue to his work.


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