Let’s Talk KPOP: Ateez’s Whole Discography // In which I just fangirl a lot

Hello friends! Guess what day it is today! Okay it’s a Saturday, but it’s a special Saturday because it’s ATEEZ’s 2nd anniversary! *cue the confetti*

Let’s ignore the fact that this is a day late because my internet decided to act up so I wasn’t able to put all the links in time to post yesterday. 🤦🏻‍♀️

This wouldn’t be like my usual posts and I don’t talk about books in this at all, but I just wanted to do a blog post appreciating one of my favorite Kpop groups ever in their debut anniversary!

So a few weeks back, my sister introduced me to this site where you can make tier lists for basically anything and I found the concept of this interesting so I decided to try it for myself. And of course, the first thing I typed in the search box was ATEEZ! And that’s how I ended up here, having numerous internal arguments with myself, trying to rank which their whole discography. So, if you’d like to see me be a raving mess about ATEEZ and their music, then you can go ahead and read on!

Please know that I intend no negativity with this. I’m also not an expert in the field of music. I just absolutely love the artists I feature and I simply do this for fun, to promote the artists I enjoy and also as a way for readers to hopefully know me better (through my music taste)!

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